About Us

“We advocate for the idea that engaging in physical activity fosters community cohesion. Regardless of age or ability, everyone should be afforded opportunities for physical activity to enhance and sustain both physical and mental well-being.”

We believe that physical activity helps to bring communities together. Regardless of age or ability, everybody should have access to levels of physical activity to help improve and maintain physical and mental wellbeing. Omnia Community are based in Essex, UK and work within local communities to help drive the importance of physical activity and the positive links that this has on mental health and promoting positive wellbeing.

Working with the Government’s ‘Get Active’ strategy, our focus is to ensure that we help to narrow the gap on inactivity throughout communities. We want to ensure that through sport and physical activity, everyone can recognise that there is a place for them within sport. Our aim is to build the link between people and cultures thus heightening the demand for physical activity whilst aiming to hit key elements of the ‘United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals’. We believe that local community development and engagement are vital in seeking and strengthening communities to act as one to help improve the physical, social, and economic environment.

Community Programmes


Building programmes designed around physical activity to meet the needs of all communities, Omnia Community boasts programmes which help to educate, inspire, create fun, and build a community that people are proud to be a part of. To ensure the success and sustainability of these clubs, community involvement and support are essential. Collaboration between schools, local authorities, parents, and community organisations is crucial in providing resources, facilities, and dedicated staff to run these programmes effectively.

Regular community-based physical activities have numerous benefits, ranging from improving cardiovascular health and muscular strength to reducing stress and anxiety. Moreover, they serve as powerful tools in combating sedentary lifestyles and the rising prevalence of obesity and related health issues. Beyond the obvious health advantages, physical activity within the community also nurtures a stronger sense of community spirit. As people come together to support one another in their fitness goals, friendships are forged, and a shared sense of belonging develops. This social interaction enhances mental wellbeing and reduces feelings of isolation, particularly in the elderly and vulnerable members of the community.