Inspiring The Future

Remember when you were young and had a dream? A dream that was manifested through a passion for something, a dream that you thought was possible because our role models had inspired us to dream and dream big!!

Our dreams took us to leading England out in a World Cup final, driving a F1 car for Ferrari and wining the Grand Prix championship, being the heavyweight champion of the world, lifting the Superbowl, scoring 100 at Lords, singing in the worlds biggest band in front of thousands of screaming fans or representing your local community in a dance competition or playing football in a park and scoring the winning goal queuing wild celebrations!!!

Children dream. They are inspired by positive role models on a daily basis; parents and relations, carers, teachers, coaches and their heroes all play a role in inspiring and can leave a positive impact on a young persons life.

Inspiration empowers individuals to believe in themselves and their abilities. It encourages them to overcome self-doubt, take risks and pursue ambitious dreams, leading to personal growth and fulfilment.

Resilience plays a huge part in a young person’s life and building it is really important. Inspiring the future involves role-modelling behaviours, values, and principles that can guide future generations. Inspirational figures and stories serve as beacons of hope and guidance, shaping the beliefs and actions of those who look up to them.

Communities are so important in a young person’s life, feeling part of something outside of the school remit is important in allowing relationships to flourish, helping a young person’s confidence grow and reaching out and connecting with new people with different outlooks on life.

As young people, feeling part of a community is so important in their development; sports clubs and social clubs create a sense of belonging and can have a positive effect on a young person. Inspirational leaders, movements and initiatives have the power to create positive change on a large scale. By inspiring others to join causes or pursue meaningful goals, individuals can contribute to solving local community challenges, promoting social justice and help to foster a more sustainable world.

Our ‘Inspiring the Future’ days bring together important social factors when helping to develop a young person – identifying resiliences and developing a greater understanding, seeking out those role models – who inspires them, why do they inspire and what does their future look like with a emphasis on their local community and what they do to contribute to help building a positive and supportive community

Our day looks to capture children and teachers alike and deliver a day which will be memorable, one that leaves a lasting legacy on the student, teacher and the school as a whole helping to imbed values which are so important to a young person as they go through life.

By inspiring others today, individuals can contribute to building a legacy of positivity, progress and resilience for not only their future but others as well.

What to expect on the day:

  • An inspirational role model with an influential sporting background will be supported by the Omnia Community team to share their story with the school, answer questions the children may want to ask and then provide specialist sports activity sessions to all year groups throughout the Inspiring the Future day.
  • Pupils are fully engaged in the day and to help support this, each learner will be given their very own Inspiring the Future T-shirt, hoping to catch a signature! Our T-shirts really make the learner feel part of the day, provide them with a lasting memory of a great experience and to feel as one within their own community
  • Teachers are also involved in the day, where they deliver theme subjects on resilience, inspiration and community, helping to draw out knowledge and understanding from the learner and helping to facilitate open discussions to help embed learning
  • On the day, the school environment is really important and past days have seen Olympic arches welcoming the children in, themed lunches and the Olympic rings all formed by using balloons! Great creativity from those schools we have worked with helping to capture the essence of the day

If you would like to learn more about our Inspiring The Future Day or want the Inspiring The Future Day held at your school, you can contact a member of our team.



Emily Perryman

Headteacher of Westwood Academy

“The Inspiring The Future Day will go down in Westwood history! We are so very grateful to the Omnia Community Team and Susannah Townsend for their preparation, enthusiasm and tireless efforts in making the day such a success for everybody. The impact continues to reverberate around our school, with girls expressing interest in pursuing hockey beyond the playground, staff enthusiasm, and, most importantly, children embodying values of resilience, perseverance, and self-happiness. Thank you for an unforgettable experience!”

5 / 5