Our GeriActive sessions are aimed at those over 50 who would like to participate in sport-based activities to promote positive physical activity, wellbeing, and overall health. All our sessions are age-sensitive, designed accordingly by our qualified staff and allow for those who wish to push themselves further depending on the individual. We have created a variety of activities that appeal to the older generation while being beneficial through fitness not only physically but also through mental stimulation and social cohesion.

While the promotion of health and wellbeing is key, these sessions also encourage participants to enjoy the social advantages of engaging and being involved and part of, a social club group and environment. Too many people approaching or reaching retirement age need a stimulus to keep fit and healthy. For those who also feel isolated, this is a great reason to get out and interact with others and enjoy people’s company.

Our entire delivery staff has advanced through our coach education program, equipping them to cater to a diverse range of abilities and capabilities. Committed to fostering both physical and mental well-being, our delivery team conducts sessions that are not only fun and engaging but also interactive, recognizing the significance of these aspects irrespective of age.

Each member of our qualified team has undergone continuous and updated training, including First Aid certification, ensuring they are well-prepared for any situation that may arise.

Furthermore, our sessions are designed to be gender-neutral, aligning with the principles of sustainable development goals outlined by the United Nations. This commitment reflects our dedication to inclusivity and global initiatives for a better future.