The Team

Leigh Willcock

Head of Omnia Community

What brings you to Omnia Community?
As Head of Community, I am passionate about the development of individuals through physical activity and engagement within our communities through delivering programmes which highlight the importance of physical activity and the positive links that this has to our mental health.

My role allows me to support the wider team and drive new initiatives within our communities which so far have focused on sports based holiday programmes for children, helping to support the wider communities over the holiday period, supporting families through the holiday for hunger programme and supporting our local communities with basketball development – both youth and junior.

We can do a lot more within our community and I am looking forward to growing the community as we move forward. Watch this space!!

What does coaching mean to you?
I have been coaching over the past 20 years and for me, it is all about the individual. It is about identifying and supporting an individual’s development whilst allowing them to grow and learn from any mistakes they might make.

Coaching for me is about creating an environment where individuals feel safe, where they can participate and enjoy what they are doing and providing a learning environment which is inclusive for all.

It is about individuals feeling confident in expressing themselves and able to progress in their development. Finding a passion is important, our job is to nurture that passion and help the individual develop and progress through our coaching.

What does community mean to you?
Community for me is about people coming together to help support one another, interact, and share values whilst feeling a sense of belonging It is crucial that we understand the needs of our local communities to ensure that we are able to continue to support and develop through sports and physical engagement.

Whilst our main focus is to support through physical activity and sports based sessions, we recognise that there are many other areas that need addressing and we look to engage with our local communities to help identify what further support is needed.