The Team

Mark Rainsdon

Omnia Community Manager

What brings you to Omnia Community?

Omnia Community is a great opportunity for me to work alongside young children and adults, helping to support and develop their interest in both physical activity and specific sports whilst delivering my own passion in sport, Basketball.

Omnia Community looks to support local communities through delivering programmes and sessions to help increase physical activity levels in individuals whilst also looking to support the community when it comes to their interest in different sports, family support through holiday hunger and opportunities to support their children during school holidays.

What does coaching mean to you?
My philosophy is to continue to help those within the community and school setting engage in their passion for sport and physical activity. As a coach I look to do this by providing them with the tools, experience, and knowledge I have gained over the years, ensuring this is within a safe, coaching environment.

As a coach my focus is based on the development of the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological areas of their sports, ensuring that all sessions are well planned, fun, enjoyable and beneficial with the longer-term goals of producing well-rounded, complete players and helping each individual player to reach his or her potential.

Regardless of the age and ability level of the players, I want to create a positive environment that validates the self-worth of each player and engenders a lifelong love for the sport and physical activity of their choice.

Listening is important and so is feedback and always treat people with respect whilst being receptive to constructive advice. I consider building the character of the person just as important as developing the skills of the player. Coaching to me is through words and actions whilst ensuring that individuals build on the values of respect, resilience, empathy, teamwork, and sportsmanship…. all of which will benefit them in the long term.

What does community mean to you?
Community to me is about searching and understanding the needs of the area you are associated with and looking to identify ways we can help support and deliver within that community.

I also believe it’s supporting all families and children and helping to relieve the pressure of support within cost, food, and wellbeing for those families that may find themselves struggling at times. Our Holiday for Hunger programme supports this.

Community is about bringing people together of all areas, backgrounds, genders, and abilities and understanding.